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About GIF

GIF’s Mission

GIF’s Mission is to help US exporters penetrate new markets and/ or expand their presence in foreign markets by providing them with a variety of trade financing solutions.

We fulfill our Mission by:

  • Demystifying the export finance business to help US exporters select the most suitable trade financing solution that will enable them to attain their export goals;

  • Helping US exporters obtain easy access to different lenders and insurers’ programs, including those of EX-IM Bank and the World Bank/MIGA.

What We Do

We specialize in providing trade financing solutions and export guarantees working with a variety of world class institutions, including the Export-Import Bank of the United States and its network of lenders as well as the World Bank. We also work with a multitude of lenders and insurers in the United States and abroad.

We facilitate your access to your critical financing needs, which will enable your company to focus on its core business and expand in the global market.

We simplify for you obtaining all types of trade related financing

How can GIF help you?

  • Do you need capital to expand your business?
  • Are you concerned about your buyers overseas paying for your exports?
  • Do you need to extend credit to your buyers to expand your export business?

We provide, though our network, the following facilities to address your export financing needs:

  • Working Capital financing, or pre-export financing;
  • Short-term loan insurance to protect you from buyer’s non-payment;
  • Medium and long-term loan guarantees for your exports of capital goods and services.

We understand EX-IM Bank, the World Bank and other insurers’ requirements. We will deal with them on your behalf so that you do not have to be diverted from your main business. Let us do the financing part for you, so that you may keep your focus on your company and how to expand your reach in the world’s market.

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