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Short-term Loan Insurance

This program is also known as short-term, accounts receivable insurance.

Its benefits to exporters are:

  • Reduce political and commerical risk;
  • Extend credit terms to your international buyers
The risks covered under these guarantees are: The risks not covered are:
  • Commercial risks
    • Insolvency
    • Bankruptcy
    • Protracted default
  • Political Risks
    • War, revolution, insurrection
    • Cancellation of import and export licenses
    • Currency transfer risk
  • Disputes (until they are resolved)
  • Cancellation of sales contracts
  • Currency devaluation

Eligible Products and Services Eligible Payment Terms
  • Products must have at least 51% US content and must be shipped from the US;
  • Services must be performed by US-based personnel
  • Up to 180 days for most products; and
  • Up to 360 days for bulk agriculture and capital goods

Prequalification of Buyer(s)

The exporter must get his buyer qualified by presenting credit reports, trade references and /financials. The extent of the information required depends on the transaction size.

Types of Policies

  • Single Buyer Policy
    • Covers one buyer per policy
    • Amount covered depends on the transaction
  • Multi-Buyer Policy
    • Covers multiple buyers
    • Amount covered depends on the transaction
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