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Samia El Baroudy

Samia is the founder and President of GIF. GIF has been active since 1999 in helping the business development of numerous companies in the United States and abroad. Samia has a Bachelors degree in economics and an MBA from the American University of Cairo. She has extensive experience in economic development and finance, project development, privatization and private sector development.

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Previous to GIF, Samia was a senior officer at the World Bank and the originator and leader of numerous World Bank projects in Latin America, the Caribbean, North Africa and Eastern Europe.

Samia lead many projects that provided credit to industry through the banking system in Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Haiti and Barbados.

She lead the World Bank's privatization programs in Brazil and Algeria.

During her years of experience in the financial sector, she initiated and managed loans for hundreds of millions of dollars.

Through her projects, corporate governance of companies improved, as did the financial performance and portfolio quality of participating banks.

Samia lead the World Bank's efforts in Algeria, the West Bank and Gaza, Ukraine and Bulgaria to expand the role of the private sector in the economy and to increase foreign capital flows into these countries.

She was also the co-founder and Managing Director of the Golden Card Company, the issuer of the first charge card to be introduced to the Egyptian market.

Samia speaks five languages: English, Arabic, French, Portuguese, and Spanish and she has some knowledge of Russian.


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